Italtile Limited - 1955/000558/06
Fully Complied / Review
JSE Corporate Governance Listing Requirement:
Fully Complied
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The assessment criteria of the web-based tool, the governance assessment instrument (GAI) have been based on the practice recommendations of the King III report. These criteria are intended to assess quantitative aspects of corporate governance only and not qualitative governance. As such, the results are proposed to serve as an indication of the structures, systems and processes in place and are not intended to include an indication of the governance culture of an entity.

The responsibility for the input of data in order to attain a result through the use of this is that of the user and the entity in respect of which the user licence has been granted (licensee). The results based on the use of the GAI may be based on the subjective opinion of the licensee or the representative user(s) and may not be true reflection of the actual state of the governance structures, systems and processes at the entity.

The The Global Platform for Intellectual Property (Pty) Ltd ("TGPIP") makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of either the assessment criteria or the results. Neither TGPIP nor any of its affiliates nor the software developer shall be held responsible for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other damage of any kind suffered or incurred, as a result of reliance on the results produced through the use of the GAI.